What Has Changed Through The Majority Of Fashion Magazines?

28 Feb

Since 1867 when the first fashion magazine was published a lot has changed in terms of the content, imagery, layout, amount of publications either produced weekly or monthly, amount of pages and target audience. For example when Vogue was first published in 1892 their target audience was aimed to the people in the higher society apposed to a mass marketed magazine but in today’s society the target audience is aimed at primarily women and those who choose to embrace fashion and culture into their lifestyle. There is very strong proof that the imagery has changed a lot. You can see this by comparing any two publications of the same name from their first publication up to their present publication. For example: These two Harper’s Bazaar show how imagery and layout have evolved over time. On the cover of the first publication of Harper’s it has more imagery compared to the later publication which is a lot more simpler but more effective and enticing with the gaze of the cover girl looking directly at us. The use of colour also has made a huge impact on how we see magazines today as you can see the photographs and clothing as you would see them in real life which is very important in a fashion magazine. The language used on the covers of both magazines are widely different and fewer are used on the later cover. It is clear to see the changing of target audience from looking at the Grand style that the artist drew of the two main characters on the earlier cover compared to the cover girl on the later cover. Also by using an international superstar on the cover targets a much wider audience.


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